Saturday, September 12, 2009

A-BONES in Tokyo!

Legendary NYC garage punk band the A-BONES came to Tokyo a couple weeks ago for the a 20th anniversary celebration of Tokyo's Back from the Grave scene. There was about 30 bands and I took three or four successful pics. I'm mostly upset that I didn't shoot the 5678's who played as the original band and wore traditional kimonos. I used a crappy Pentax digicam, but when the MUMMIES come around this Halloween I will try to have a better camera.

First up is the classic style punk band JET BOYS:

In contrast I got the country, swing and rockabilly group HOT SHOTS.

And here's a couple decent ones of the A-BONES!

So many other bands I would like to have gotten including Jackie and the Cedrics (Lars Espensen joined them onstage for a couple numbers!), King Brothers, The Feminine, The Fadeaways (Toyozo did a frontflip off the bass drum as a finale!), The Fly & Miss Tarantula and Theee Bat (who had Sheena & the Rokket's daughter from Darkside Mirrors pounding on sticks!) and the Bait Ones bringing psychedelic trash stomp! But the night was long and left me wiped out with cold for 2 weeks!

I promise to be better prepared for when the Mummies come this Fall for the Back from the Grave 20th Anniversary Halloween Ball!