Friday, September 15, 2006

Go for Broke!

After spending a year in Taiwan going to shows and fests at every chance, I started documenting the underground scene on a website called Island of Sound. The basic goal of the project was to give exposure to some of these great bands that would otherwise go unheard. About a year later, and maybe 3 months ago, I decided to open my own online store called Pacifiction Records where you can find mostly Taiwanese indie rock, punk and electronica but also other rare Asian underground music.

The website for Pacifiction Records will be launched in early November and shortly after I will be stocking Taiwanese indies such as Varo, SMOL, Dolly's Pillbox and 8mm Sky. So get ready!

On a side note, I like the the phrase "Go for Broke!" as a way to describe my decision to leap into a somewhat risky business venture. The phrase was used as a slogn and battle cry by Japanese Americans fighting in World War II. The 1951 movie Go for Broke is pretty good watch.